Telling the world who you are is no longer as simple as relying on your reputation or on word of mouth. In today’s digital world, branding your business is multifaceted and complex; it is your image. It’s voice, logo, customer service, advertising, and much more. Branding your organization is staking your claim in your corner of the market and taking a stand on who you are and who you’re not.


Example#1: Iron Cross Automotive

Iron Cross Automotive identified that specifically American-made manufacturing was the claim they want to stake. Intentionally, they have kept all their truck part manufacturing and distribution in the United States knowing that American-made is a value many of their customers hold. Considering their Harley-riding, west-coast-choppers-style roots, we commissioned a custom, rock-and-roll influenced score as the musical backdrop. Visually, we opted for darker tones with orange and fiery highlights to set the mood. Overall, all cinematic and thematic elements of Iron Cross Automotive’s film come together to reinforce their intended message: “American Made Isn’t Dead.”


Example#2: Truck Hero 

Truck Hero is an incredible company, manufacturing an enormous percentage of truck accessories in the United States. We were honored that they chose us to make the film that helped launch their rebrand campaign.


Example#3: CAMA Creators

The Colorado Advanced Manufacturing Alliance (CAMA) wanted to change public perception surrounding manufacturing, so we produced a film for them that rebrands the industry by telling the story of Colorado manufacturing’s comeback.